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Good morning!

This is the last item I picked up while in California. I promise.

I was super excited for Wet n' Wild's Chrome offering. But I was pretty broke and couldn't find them in Eugene. By the time we got to California, I had saved enough money for polish. Boy, was I happy when I went to Walgreens and saw a display.

 Wet n' Wild Penny For Your Thoughts
Three coats, no top coat

Same as above, taken under an Ott light

Penny For Your Thoughts is a pink based copper with an almost pebbly finish. This applies nicely, dries quickly and in thicker coats is opaque in two. It's very sparkly and shimmery.
I almost expected it to be like the Essie metallics and I'm rather glad it isn't. 
This is reminiscent of Orly Rage though Rage is much pinker. I was hoping for it to be close to L.A. Colors Metallic Copper. My bottle of that exploded on the dining room floor last year and I can't find it in town anymore. Eventually, I'll break down and buy it online.
Anyhoo, Penny isn't very close to that but it is very lovely. I'm quite pleased to have it in the stash and expand my copper/bronze color family.

I'm less pleased about the price and bottle size. Had it been a bigger bottle, I would've gladly paid $3.99 and not thought about it. Since it's so small, I had to have a long talk with myself before deciding to purchase it.
Just sayin'.

That will do for today. Hope y'all had a lovely weekend and happy(?) Monday and happy October.

I purchased this at Walgreens in Woodland, CA for $3.99 plus tax. 

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