DUCKed Up Stripes

Good day!

I did a little bit better this week! Got my Duck Day mani done on Friday night, photographed and edited. I knew it wouldn't be posted until today but it's an improvement. Yay me!

All photos taken under an Ott Light

Base is Orly Au Champagne, my favorite shimmery, matte white Stripes are Innisfree Creamy Grey done with my art striping tape. Finally, I used an Oregon "O" temporary tattoo.

I was trying to complement the really cool "Stormtrooper" unis the Ducks wore. You can see them HERE.
I really loved the simplicity of the design and the crisp, clean look of the uniforms. Sadly, my nails were not as crisp.
While Creamy Grey was the perfect shade, the formula was no good for a tape manicure. It's much too thin and runny. Thus it pools under the tape. Oh well, live and learn. I want to try this look again but I think I'll use a different grey.

In case you wondered, the Ducks beat USC. It was a nail biter of a game because our defense was a bit weak but SC couldn't stop our offense. Even though the score was 62-51, it was seriously embarrassing for USC. They've NEVER given up that many points EVER. Which brings the lulz, my friends. 

That will do for today. I have so much to come this week, hope you'll be back!


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