Gimme, gimme glitter after midnight

Good morning!

It's awfully sparkly today! I have some new glitters that I picked up at Kmart and Rite-Aid recently.
I do love me some glitter...

Jordana Glitters Sequins
Three coats over PVA glue base
Taken in my light-box under Ott Light

Sequins is fine red glitter mixed with blue, gold and fuchsia hex glitter in a clear base. It's not a full coverage glitter for sure. It applied nicely with a little need for side swiping and dabbing. I love how it looks like a party on my nails. Looking forward to trying this over a lot of different colors thanks to the multicolored hex glitter.

Jordana Glitters Copper Blaze
Three coats over PVA glue blaze
Taken in my light-box under Ott Light

Copper Blaze is a mix of fine and hex copper glitter in a slightly orange toned yellow base. The tint of the base is very sheer and again, this is not a full coverage glitter. This applied really well and deposited a good amount of glitter. I love copper and this is going to look great over brown and copper bases.

I picked up both of these at Kmart in Roseburg for $1.99 each.

Next up is my most recent Rite-Aid purchase. It's time for the snowman polishes to make an appearance!
As much as I hate the holidays, I have a hard time saying no to these. I'm a sucker for a cute bottle.

Snowman Glitter polish
Three coats over PVA glue base
Taken in my light-box under Ott light

This was a big surprise. This Snowman is mainly large shards of pink, purple and blue. There's some hex glitter floating around as well but is overwhelmed by the shards.
These polishes always reek and they don't apply well. But they can do some awesome things. It's best to dab and side swipe when applying this for best coverage. As you can see, it's not a full coverage either.

So there ya have my sparkly additions. I'm looking forward to doing some nice layering and some jelly sandwiches with these. But, let's be honest. It's prolly going to have to wait until Ducks football season is over.

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