I did a holiday themed manicure. Bob help us all.

Good morning!

I don't always do holiday themed manicures. Mainly because I can't be bothered and my nail art skills are okay at best. However, I ended up doing a manicure for Thanksgiving. Initially, Matt was going to do the nail art for me but between baking two pies and enjoying a couple of cable cars, it didn't happen. So I threw together something the morning of Thanksgiving.

I've been playing with making nail polish decals and Matt was really interested in them. He picked out the craft punch and I went to work.

I do like sparkles.

The base is Mattiz #10, a nail polish I picked up on my last trip to Cancun. It's a great red jelly that dries super quick. I sponged OPI Goldeneye and Sally Hansen Lustre Shine Lava over except for my ring finger.
The ring finger has decals I made from WNW The Wonder Yellows, Sinful All About You and the final is a mix of colors that I don't recall. I punched them out with my maple leaf craft punch and stuck them on over a fresh coat of top coat.

I was a little bummed that my yellow leaf broke but otherwise it wasn't too bad. Unfortunately, my clean up was not so great. Which is why you don't clean up your polish after having a couple of strong cocktails.

This manicure actually paired nicely with the dress I wore which can be seen here. Mind you, I bought the red version that is apparently unavailable online. Said dress has also inspired me to create nail art. So that's gonna happen.

All in all, it was a nice Thanksgiving spent with my in-laws and a delicious baby that I wan't allowed to eat. (There I go again with the baby eating jokes!!) 

Hope everybody had a great weekend no matter where you were!

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