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Good day!

Today I have my last regular season Duck Day manicure. Yesterday was the Civil War game and probably the game I look forward to the most each year. The Civil War is the rivalry match between my Ducks and the Oregon State Beavers. The rivalry has been going on since the first game played in 1894 and the Ducks lead the series with the most wins. Happily, the Ducks are victorious again!!! (I do kinda feel bad for the Beavs but only because I think their coach is not only a great coach but a classy dude. But he ain't no Chip Kelly!)

The theme for the game was to wear green so I decided to use more than one green shade. I had originally thought of doing a shimmery green ombre but I realized that my greens were definitely not in the right shades. So I decided that it had been too long since I had used my star stickers...

Go! Ducks! Go!

There is a lot going on here so bear with the list.

Thumb: Orly Meet Me Under The Mistletoe sponged with WNW Mad Styles
Index: BB Couture Redwood Forest sponged with Sally Hansen Lightening
Middle: Sinful Colors San Francisco with heart shape jewels
Ring: Color Club Magic Elf sponged with a mix of Orly Decoded and Dazzle and a star shaped jewel
Pinkie: Maybelline Color Show Avante Green with SH Midnight in NY sponged over and Sally Girl glitter

My pinkie was a bit of a bummer. The sponging over the star sticker was way too subtle so I sprinkled glitter over it. The glitter is really rad, guys. I highly recommend grabbing those little shakers of glitter from Sally Beauty. They're cheap and full of sparkly, holo goodness. Doubt they could be used for frankening though.

I got the jewels at Dollar Tree and am glad I finally had a chance to use them. They're not real easy to work with but I managed. The star stickers are from the office supply aisle at Walgreens.

There ya have it. Looks like my Ducks will be heading to the Fiesta Bowl. UCLA let us down by losing to Stanford so it's the first time in awhile that we won't be playing in the Pac-12 Championship. It sure was an exciting season and I look forward to next year. Now I'm just counting down until baseball and softball season begin!

Oregon, our Alma Mater,

We will guard thee on and on,
Let us gather 'round and cheer her,
Chant her glory, Oregon!
Roar the praises of her warriors,
Sing the story, Oregon,
On to vict'ry urge the heroes
Of our Mighty Oregon!

Go! Ducks! Go!

Fight! Ducks! Fight!
Win! Ducks! Win!

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