L.A. Colors Rocks

Good morning.

Today I have something I picked up at Fred Meyer. Freddie's began carrying L.A. Colors a little more than a year ago and I just haven't managed to get any. Last time I was there, I couldn't resist because they were on sale 3 for $4. I'd been looking longingly at a few colors so it was so nice to actually bring them home with me.

L.A. Colors Desert Dune
Three coats over PVA base
Taken under Ott Light

Desert Dune is a coppery brown metallic with orange tones. It has great shimmer and glows. Formula was a little runny and three coats was best for opacity. Dry time was great.

L.A. Colors Merlot
Three coats over PVA base
Taken in weak sunlight

Merlot is aptly named. It's a rich berry toned wine with plenty of shimmer and lots of glow. You could easily get away with two coats. It applies beautifully and dries quickly. And, it makes me long for a glass of wine.

L.A. Colors Cactus
Four coats over PVA base
Taken in weak sunlight

Cactus was a long time lemming for me. It's such an intriguing color. It's a glorious golden olive green but it has a blurple base. It does apply a bit patchy so I opted for four coats. It would probably have been better had I used a different base coat. Nonetheless, it dries quickly and it's so pretty so I couldn't be mad.
In some light and different angles, it really is similar to Butter London Wallis but it is not a dupe.

I love L.A. Colors so much. They have such great color ranges and the price is always great. It also didn't hurt that Freddie's ran a great deal!

That will do it for today, guys. Time to get working on another Duck Day design...

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