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Recently I was contacted by Perl Fashion to review their nail strips. I accepted because I'm often intrigued by nail strips but I've had only two experiences.
Way back when, I got a full cover strip pack from Claire's. I never even posted about it because the whole thing was a nightmare. None of the strips fit my nail, all wrinkled and came off pretty damn quick.
I have used Sally Hansen and I had a pretty good experience with the exception of filing the edge off.
But it wasn't so great that I was anxious to buy more.

Anyway. We're talking about Perl Fashion. Allow me to share some photos.

I do love this zebra print. I'm such a sucker for zebra.
I added a coat of Out the Door over these.

Perl Fashion strips come in a package with 20 strips, bedazzled nail file and wood cuticle stick. The sizes are generous without being too large. My nails are tubular so they have a considerable curve to them. That often gives me trouble with strips that aren't wide enough. 

This was by far the easiest experience I've had. The strips aren't as sticky and flimsy feeling as some. They're still very flexible and adhere beautifully to the nail. But I felt that I had better control to fit them to my nail and smooth them down. Filing the excess off was super easy and I didn't end up filing off too much.

My biggest concern was the nail file that came with. It felt coarser than the one that came with the Sally Hansen kit. It only has one side rather than a shaper and buffer option so I was concerned it might be too rough. No worries though. It smoothed my nails perfectly and made a perfect base for the strips.
I do suggest being gentle with the file, one could easily overdo it.

I decided to do a wear test with these. It was really hard for me since I change my polish every other day. But I persevered and went five days. Behold the result:

I definitely got some tip wear and chipping. I was still impressed. This was five days of continued banging away on a keyboard, deep cleaning my kitchen and bathroom and degreasing my bike chain.
I did get a little bored after awhile so I played with my glow in the dark top coat on my pinkie. Don't do this.
It shrank the tip and started to lift the edges of the strip. Conversely, I had no trouble applying regular top coat. careful with that.

I was most impressed with the removal of the strips. You do not need to remove them with remover. You can simply peel them off. I used a rubber tipped cuticle pusher to do so and they slid right off my nail.
It did leave a sticky film on the nail that was easily wiped away with a small amount of remover. 

I had a great experience with Perl Fashion Nail Strips. It was easy, didn't take long to apply and wore really well. I wouldn't wear them all the time but I would definitely keep them on hand for nail art or when I absolutely can't take polish with me on vacation. 

Thanks to Perl Fashion for the opportunity to review. I really enjoyed the experience and I would definitely recommend these! I know for a fact that my sister would really be happy with these. She's one of those who only paints her toes because "nail polish chips." (As we know, that is just not a good enough excuse for me.)
I also want to try these on my mom because her nails are similar to mine but grow way longer. I'd be curious to see how well the strips fit her nails.

Perl Fashion was founded in 2011 in Montreal and the nail strips can be purchased at They retail for $9.00 and the site offers free shipping for orders over $35. They have really great designs that would suit a large variety of tastes.

Perl Fashion Nail Strips were provided for review from Perl Fashion.
The opinions therein are completely my own and do not necessarily reflect those of Perl Fashion. 


  1. Heard about them but never tried it. I actually like this design. Cute.

  2. These look great! I'm glad to hear that you had a good experience with them and that they were easy to use!


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