Purple Quicksand

Good morning!

Today I have something I picked up while visiting my in-laws in Roseburg. We don't have a Kmart in the Eugene area anymore so Milani is harder for me to come by. Especially since Fred Meyer inexplicably stopped carrying their very limited stock.
But there is one in Roseburg and I wheedled and cajoled Matt to take me there. He's a good husband.

I was struck by Purple Gleam because it's purple and because it looked jam packed with glitter in the bottle. It certainly was but oh my word, this stuff was like sand. Gives an idea of what the OPI Liquid Sand and China Glaze Texture may be like.

Let's look at the photos:

 Four coats over PVA base
Taken under Ott Light in my makeshift light box

Same as above with two generous coats of Gelous

Seriously. This stuff looks like Moon Sand. First of all it's very, very thick. I ended up using thinner but it didn't help much. This does not spread well on the nail either. It dries really fast but looks so lumpy.
Oh yeah, it's super gritty and top coat hungry.

The last photo shows that it can sparkle but damn I had to take that quick before it swallowed Gelous up.
It's an odd duck color too. It's in a very thin suspension base and loaded with very fine purple and black glitter. Looks nothing like the bottle.

It's a crazy quilt of everything that you shouldn't do with polish. Yet, I find myself entranced with it. I think I will decant some of this into a bottle of clear polish to make it more palatable. That may be the only way to redeem it.

So...I'd be careful if you pick this one up. Milani definitely let me down but I refuse to give up. Looks like I need to beg Matt to take me back to Kmart. I had to pass up on some one coat glitters...

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