Sky Line

Good morning!

Today I have a special gift that Matt brought home to me from Las Vegas. He did pretty well at craps and knew I was going to want another Chanel. He did not disappoint.

 Chanel Sky Line
Three coats over Nail Magic base coat

Taken indoors with an Ott Light.

Yep, Sky Line is a frosty little number. It's also a super glowy light blue that can appear grey or silver in different angles. Which I was unable to capture in photos.
Application actually isn't bad. I was surprised at how well it self-leveled. However it is brush stroke-y. I'm willing to forgive because it's a pretty shade and has the aforementioned chameleon characteristics.

Don't mind the spot on my pinkie. Apparently I got something on my nail between the base coat and first coat of color. Since I was doing this in really bad light, I didn't notice it until I went to take photos. I also managed to skip over a small section of my index finger too. This has not been my week for applying polish.

Sky Line is from the limited edition Blue Illusion de Chanel collection and has been a snotch HTF.
Matt picked this up at the Chanel boutique at the Bellagio. He also had quite the experience with the SA there. He told me that he went in and explained he was on a mission to bring home a polish and couldn't remember the name of what was requested or what it looked like. So he asked the SA to give some suggestions and noted that I prefer edgier and unusual colors. She picked this and let him know that it's been selling like mad and she even broke the rules by buying one for herself when it came back in. Matt asked how many had come in and she told him two. One she bought and now he was buying this one.
So, anyone who was hoping to chance upon Sky Line in Vegas, don't be mad at me. Save your resentment for the SA. (Whom none of us could be mad at because we'd do it too if we were her.)

Overall, I love this. If it wasn't such a cool color and glowy, I'd be rather meh about it. 

That will do for today guys. Thanks so much for coming by!

For the tl;dr crowd, I received this as a gift from my husband. He purchased it at the Chanel boutique at the Bellagio Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas.

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