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I'm pretty excited for the OPI Liquid Sand and the China Glaze Texture polish. I really like oddball finishes and quirky things like that.
Imagine my delight when The Daily Varnish posted a DIY Liquid Sand manicure.
I have a fair amount of embossing powder laying around, collecting dust so I jumped on it. However, I decided to play it safe and only do one nail to get a feel for it.

Index, middle and pinkie are Essie Marshmallow and Stroke of Brilliance
Ring is embossing powder on base coat, topped with Nina Ultra Pro Ink-ling

What I did was apply my base coat and then sprinkled an olive-y embossing powder over. I gently brushed away the excess and let dry. Once it was dry I used Nina Ultra Pro Ink-ling over the powder. It sucked up the polish pretty quick and later I realized I should have done two coats rather than one thick coat. So you can see spots where the polish was not fully covering the powder.

I think it looks pretty cool and I love the matte effect. I did try it with top coat but I had a wee mishap and dinged it so no pictures. I don't know if it would have eaten the top coat, I will have to try again.

There you have it. Would you try this DIY look or will you just buy the OPI/China Glaze polishes?

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  1. I think your DIY nail looks great - and I love the combo with the Stroke of Brilliance


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