Grey-t Greys

Good morning.

Today I have some lovely grey polishes for you.

Essence Grey-t To Be Here
Three coats over base coat

I love grey. Not just grey polish, but the color grey. Which is funny considering how often I complain about Oregon winters. I miss the sun but really my gripe is the temperature. I hate feeling cold.
That said, Grey-t To Be Here makes me think of a glorious grey Sunday morning spent lounging under my wedding quilt and hanging out with my favorite person. 

Grey-t To Be Here is a soft creme with pink shimmer. The shimmer was much more noticeable in real life but I appreciate that it's still subtle. Formula was better than anticipated but not super fantastic. The dry time was acceptable but not as quick as hoped.

Next up is a sadly neglected member of the fold.

Nina Ultra Pro Ink-ling
Three coats over base coat

I never actually swatched this. I used it as an accent nail for a manicure and that's it. Shame on me.
Ink-ling is a lovely dark grey creme with strong blue tones. I was so surprised how beautifully and smoothly it applied. I was also surprised how pigmented it was. I expected it to apply streaky and need many coats for opacity. One could easily get away with two coats.
I did not expect it to dry as quickly either. What an absolute pleasure to use.
Ink-ling reminds me of a stormy sky on the Oregon Coast. Honestly, I love storms on the coast. Provided I am comfortably ensconced inside, lounging in a warm and comfy chair and staring out the window of curse.

Well, it looks like this ended up being a tribute to the weather of Oregon. Sometimes, the storms and rain are cool but months on end not so much. Of course.

That will do today. Thank you for coming by!

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