Hot Topic(s) and no, I don't like "The View"

Update: Found out that at least one of the polishes has a name. Scroll down towards the end to see.

Good morning!

So it was a snowy day for me yesterday and much of it spent on the phone with Century Link to fix my internet. Seriously, I hate the general crappiness of American internet service. Why can't we have super fast speed and reliability like some European countries?
Since I work from home, I need fast and reliable service or I don't get paid. Just sayin' is all.

I also don't miss having cable. I used to get sucked into all the morning programming and just hate myself for it. I mean, really, Elisabeth Hasselbeck? Do you honestly believe the sounds that emanate from your mouth? Same goes for you, Rachael Ray and your ridiculous made up words. Thank Bob for NPR. I can now hold my head up high.

Anyway...That is quite enough of my rambling.

So I made another foray to Valley River Center two weeks ago because I wanted to redeem a promotional gift card at Victoria's Secret. I got a big surprise when I found out it was worth $100. I did not end up with nail polish but I did get some new undergarments and these super comfy and slouchy lounge pants. Since I didn't have to pay out of pocket, Matt let me do some polish shopping.

I heard Hot Topic had nail polish in skull shaped bottles so I made haste over there. I was not disappointed and ended up being terribly and pleasantly surprised. Plus, they were on a buy 2 get one free promotion.

Hot Topic Unnamed Blue Glitter
Three coats over base coat

So, have you noticed just how dim Hot Topic stores are? That doesn't help with choosing polish. However, this blue glitter mix in a clear base is a total winner. The glitter absolutely glows and builds really nicely. Dry time is pretty average. I've already used it as layering element in a couple of manis. It rocks.

Unnamed black jelly with red glitter
Three coats over base coat

How could I say no to this? It's incredibly similar to three Wet N Wild shades. Namely Ants In My Pants, Fergie Make Them Boys Go Loco and Once Upon A Time. I have OUAT and need to swatch it so maybe I'll do comparisons for funsies.
This builds way better than I thought it would and dries quicker than I thought. Still a win.

Now...we move on to the one that blew me away. It is that fantastic.

Hot Topic Unnamed Shimmery Purple ***Updated: According to the Hot Topic website, this is called Violet Tendencies
Three coats over base coat

YES. Can you believe how gorgeous and glow-y this is? Stunning.
This is a blue toned purple jelly loaded with blue shimmer. It was fabulously opaque at three coats and dried really fast. It applied great, didn't smell weird and made me swoon. If I have but one complaint, it is only that the shimmer appears duochrome in bottle but not on nail. That's it.

I've bought Hot Topic polishes before and I'll be honest, they sucked and smelled awful. All three of these are RAD. Especially since their shaped like skulls. I couldn't resist skull shaped bottles...

I purchased these at Hot Topic for $10.

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  1. Immediately searching for my Hot Topic store, I don't know yet if my town has one, I need a skull, oh so badly! Oh and the View stinks! I don't like even thinking the first person's name you mentioned, they are so irritating. I don't watch tv anymore I really do not miss shows like that, nor commercials. : D


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