I got the herp and it's HOT

Good morning.

Today is the last day I have a photo of my super long talons. Well, they were super long for me.
My nails never really grew well and I was so annoyed because my mom has always had these amazing long nails that are like iron. She always said mine would get stronger and grow faster as I got older but I didn't believe her. Well, she was right. What she didn't mention is that it wasn't going to happen until I was in my mid-thirties.

Here's what I learned about being able to grow my nails: it was dangerous. I cannot tell you how many times I scratched myself and Matt as well as accidentally poking the cats in the eye. I also had a mishap in which I ended up poking my nail up into Dita's nose. Kitty nose goo is not pleasant.
So I had to file these bad boys down to a much more manageable length. And I couldn't be more pleased. I still have some length but I'm far less dangerous. Lesson learned.

Anyway, here are the final shots of my talons and sporting a new polish I adore in spite of a small complaint.

Sally Hansen Lustre Shine in Lava
Three coats over base coat

Duochrome. My passion. Swoon...

Lava is a glorious orange almost glass fleck that flashes pink, bronze and gold. I did not anticipate it to apply so sheer. I know when the weather is cold and dry, polish applies really sheer on me but I'm pretty sure this is sheer anyway.
But it does go on very nicely and dries quick and it's beautiful. The problem?

It gave me the herp. Namely, the shimmer herpes. I cleaned up and it didn't matter. I had bits and bobs of sparkly shimmer EVERYWHERE. Now, I have many friends who hate glitter and they say it's the herpes of the craft world. But fine, shimmer like this is the real herpes. At least you can hunt down larger pieces of glitter and remove it. But this, no. This hides in your cuticles and wanders up to your face. When you think it's gone, BAM, a cluster shows up on your palm or in the crook of your elbow.

However, shimmer herpes are but a small trifle when you have a glorious shifting, luminous color on your tips. And this is why I am unashamed to admit I got the herp.

I picked this up at Fred Meyer thanks to yet another gift card received. 


  1. Shimmer herpes makes me LOL. I would love shimmer herpes from this color too. I have a couple of near dupes, so I give it a miss. So true about injuries from long nails, I have worn them long for years, but only recently nearly really poked myself hard in the eye with one for the first time. Out of consideration for myself husband and dog, I shorten them regularly, but they are still long, hard and dangerous....

    1. I should have known long nails were dangerous. Especially since my mom would accidentally scratch me and my siblings. Guess my excitement got in the way of good sense.

      I know shimmer "herpes" isn't terribly appropriate but I think it's funny too.

  2. You lucky Girl! This was the only color I wanted from the collection, and of course, it's the only one that sold out everywhere I went to pick it up. It's a gorgeous color!


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