I like gift cards

Good morning!

Today I have some hauls that came via some gift card generosity. Somehow and I don't remember, I ended up with a $20 Macy's gift card and then my auntie gave me a $25 Victoria's Secret gift card.
They both sat in my wallet for ages until I had to trek over to Valley River Center mall to do some birthday shopping for my sister and my number one Texan.
So..while I was there I figured it might be good to pick up some new things for myself.

First up, what I got at VS. I thought I had heard that they had expanded the cosmetics line to include nail polish. But it wasn't confirmed till I saw it myself.
They have a small range and there was a purple I wanted but no bottles left, just the tester. So I picked up a pretty neutral.

Victoria's Secret Room Service
Three coats over PVA base
Taken under Ott light

Room Service is a taupe loaded with very fine silver micro-glitter. It applies kind of sheer on me but it's that time that every polish applies sheer one me. I was impressed with how smooth it went on and how quickly it dried.

Then I headed over to Macy's because I knew there was one polish I definitely wanted. I got that but I also got this:

Material Girl Guilty Conscience 
Three coats over PVA base
Taken under Ott light

Guilty Conscience is a purple toned brown creme. It applies gorgeously in two coats but I just prefer three. Once again I was impressed with the dry time. It looks somewhat similar to OPI You Don't Know Jacques but I really need to compare them. I think the OPI has more grey.
It's a perfect neutral brown that also makes a great canvas for nail art. Plus I always need some more "grown up" colors in my stash.

Finally, we have:

Material Girl Wild Flower, two coats layered over
Material Girl Guilty Conscience

Wild Flower is sparkly metallic pink glitter in a clear base. I was so bummed that it applies sparsely. I really wanted a dense glitter coverage. That said, it is really snazzy. I love pink and brown together in spite of nearly hating the color pink. So this made me happy.

I'll be honest. This does not smell good nor does it dry quick. Kind of a let down. But I'll keep it around. I have a cool idea for a jelly sandwich.

So there ya have it. The best part of all this? I have money left on both cards. That's right, Frugal Lamb strikes again!

I purchased Room Service at Victoria's Secret for $10. Don't see the polish listed on the site so it may be a store only thing.

Both Material Girl polishes were purchased at Macy's for $3.50 each. They were on a 50% clearance. Looks like the beauty line is being discontinued. I have reviewed Material Girl before and you can see it HERE.


  1. Girl, I'm feelin' that VS taupe on you.

    1. Thank you! Seriously, it's not even the best photo. How I wish I had sun. It's even better in sun.


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