I love my man

Good morning!

So yesterday was Matt's birthday. Instead of my usual embarrassing photo of him and a sweet, gushy post; I decided to share a photo that sums up how truly awesome my husband is.

We've been together for 13 years and every day he reminds me just how grateful I am to be with him. Matt has always supported and encouraged me even with this nail polish obsession. Even though it's boring, he still listens to me babble about nail polish and is sweet enough to try to keep up.

Matt constantly surprises me. Especially when I was playing with some nail art last weekend. He saw a manicure on Reddit that he felt I should try and decided he was going to do it himself for me.

Look at the clouds!

Matt saw this cloud/ruffle manicure and decided it needed to be done. Pay no mind to my ring and pinkie fingers, they're just along for the ride.
I think he did a great job. He only used the brushes from the polish bottle. I was impressed!

So, yes. THIS is why my husband is the best. Happy Birthday, my honey. You are amazing.

In case you were wondering, the following is on my fingers:

Index, middle and pinkie - Two coats OPI An Affair in Red Square topped with one coat Sinful Sugar, Sugar
Ring finger is three coats OPI Goldeneye

Clouds are Orly Glitz and Pure Ice Platinum base coat
I did some stamping with L.A. Girl Iron Red on ring and Orly Glitz on pinkie.

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  1. Holy moly, no wonder you love him! Well done Matt!


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