I'll take a rain check on your wild card

Good morning!

I have two new to me Wet n Wild polishes for you today. Let's be clear that they are not new, they just seemed to have escaped my attention. It happens.

So let's take a look:

Wet n Wild Rain Check
Index and ring are layered over Orly Decoded
Middle and pinkie are over base coat

Rain Check is a greyed out blue with lots of blue flash. It applied really sheer on me but it's so pretty. You know I can't resist a duochrome even if it is a weak one.

Wet n Wild Rain Check
Index is layered over ELF Lilac
Ring is layered over Orly Shimmering Mauve
Middle and pinkie are over base coat.

Oh hai, purple duochrome. You so pretty. Wild Card is a mid-tone purple with a pink flash that easily can lean cool and warm depending on light or what it is layered over.
Speaking of layering, mixing ELF lilac and this was not so good. Will never do again.

That will do for today guys. I'm going through my stash right now because I realized that there's quite a few things I've never swatched. So stay tuned.

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  1. I have Rain Check, too. I haven't tried layering it yet, but it's something I'll definitely have to try!


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