It's that time again

Good morning.

Many of you are celebrating the holiday today and tomorrow. I will be working and then spending time with family myself. Matt is also making me do two holiday manicures. I have stated before that I do not celebrate the holidays and well, I really dislike them. However, I do wish to send you all a message of love and gratitude. Lambchop Mobile is nothing without you and I'm grateful you stop by each day. You all have encouraged me, given me great suggestions and made me laugh. Thank you so much.

That said, I'm posting the only holiday song that I like. The same song I post every year. ;) It makes me think of my grandpa who was born on Christmas Eve. Grandpa loved Christmas and I think it was one of the things he really missed when he and Grandma became Jehovah's Witnesses. (I know Grandma missed it too. She loved to bake and entertain and she would go all out.) So...this is for Gordon and Evelyn and for all of those who have left us. Be well, friends.

All my love and gratitude,



  1. Finnish, really? I was quite surprised by that, but definitely in a good way. I am living in Helsinki now, and celebrating my first Christmas on my own here. :) Interesting connection. Have a great season!

  2. I thought I'd stop by to see what my favorite polish freak was up to for the holidays! And I find that we have yet another thing in common! I was raised in the JW faith and though I'm not in it now, I still forgo the holidays - except Thanksgiving.
    Oddly enough, I'm craving time with my family because I'm sitting at home alone fighting the urge to do something fresh with my nails. (My nieces will want us to do nails together when I see them later today) Hopefully, I'll leave with as many polishes that I came with, but it's fun for us to do girly stuff together. There can be such a generation gap between us sometimes, that I just relish in anything they think is cool about me. :-) Anyway...just wanted to wish you a happy..."day." LOL. I'm sure we'll talk soon! -Deidra


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