My year in nails (Super photo happy.)

Good morning and Happy New Year!

Rather than a list of my favorite polishes for 2012, I decided to do a review of my year in nails. 2012 was not so kind to me but I sure had a lot of fun with nail polish.

Let's begin at the beginning...

I lost my job in January but I managed to score an OPI before that happened. I'm pretty sure this Quarter of a Cent-Cherry but I don't know for sure. Either way, I really like it and I'm super picky about reds. My photo isn't so hot but I wasn't exactly feeling things. It happens when you're depressed.

 Joe Fresh Peacock

Joe Fresh Jade

 Joe Fresh Twilight

GOSH Gasoline

GOSH Purple Heart

Layla Magneffect Brown Sugar

OPI Y'all Come Back Ya Hear and Love and Beauty Orange 
Layered in a jelly sandwich

In February, I got to go to Vancouver, B.C. and made out like a bandit. Killed some lemmings and scored some sweet deals. Plus, I went to Canada. I love Canada.

In March, I played around with a lot of nail art and did some experimenting. I was so proud to finally have a full coverage stamp work for me.

In April, my friend J.B. brought me nail polish back from his trip to Turkey. His wife did a great job in choosing the colors.

May was my birthday and I got spoiled fierce. My favorite gift was Moonspell's Alpha Noir/Omega White album. It was an LE box set that came with a necklace and poster. Most importantly, the album is sublime. You should buy it.

I also reviewed Pure Ice's Vinyl Remix collection and I adored it. It's a lot of fun and takes crackle to a new level.

June came and I started my Heavy Metal Nails series. All of which have been my most visited pages, BTW. I loved doing it and I'm itching to do another metal themed series. Just need to figure out what exactly.

July continued the metal series and I did nail art that is now my most viewed post EVER. Why is it?

Yep, this is my number one. I couldn't be prouder.

I did another Moonspell inspired manicure in July as well as the raddest Corpse Paint nails. They were so awesome.

August was particularly awesome for me. I went to California and visited with family, bought a fuckton of nail polish and saw Iron Maiden in concert.

I also got a new job in August and felt so much better about myself. It was nice to have the free time I did but I needed to do something that was actually profitable.

Come September, Duck Football started and I celebrated my sixth wedding anniversary. Matt also ran in the Warrior Dash which ticked off a must do on his list.

October and November were both pretty "meh" months for me. I did do some things though.

I reviewed Perl Fashion Nail strips and loved them.

Matt bought me another Chanel

This Milani is utterly frustrating but so captivating

December was busy as anticipated but I sure got to show some fun polishes.

I got loaded with gift cards but this polish from Victoria's Secret really won me over. Not to mention, I made out like crazy at VS. Good times.

I tried out the DIY Liquid sand technique and did a jelly sandwich that I had longed to try out.

More importantly, I found a glorious, glow-y, shimmery purple polish at Hot Topic that came in a skull shaped bottle.

So there ya have it. I have much to come in the new year. I picked up a Project Runway polish, Matt got me a Sally gift card, he also bought me the new Sally Hansen Insta Gel nail strip kit and my folks gave me a super cute nail polish set. I also have a little something from the grand Born Pretty store to show you as well. The new year will be starting out right!

I'm hoping for a grand 2013 and that it will also be filled with tons of nail polish. Happy New Year friends. May your year bring you health, wealth, love and pretty nails!

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