Rock Solid

Good morning.

I've been trying to shop my stash and photograph polishes I had not. Every time I think I'm ahead, I find something else.

Naturally, I was excited for the Orly Mineral Fx collection in Fall of 2011. Somehow, I only ended up with two from the collection. I blame my old job and its enormous stress.
Anyway, here is Rock Solid since I never swatched it.

Orly Rock Solid, three coats over base coat

Rock Solid is a lovely gunmetal grey loaded with holo glitter and silver glitter. The formula did not disappoint and was beautifully opaque in three coats. This dries quickly as is my typical experience with Orly.

My only complaint? Not enough holo glitter. It actually gets obscured due to the other glitter. I like holo, damn it!

Honestly, this collection didn't slay me. It was full of gorgeous colors but I just wasn't so enamored that I had to buy them all. Again, I blame that last job. I was a miserable little beastie then.

That will do for today. Thanks so much for coming by!

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