Barefoot in Blue

Good morning.

Still working through my stash and finding so many things I have never swatched. I'm really afraid to pile them all together in my "to swatch" bowl because that would just be too overwhelming. Anyway. I have finally swatched a polish I received last summer.

Essie Barefoot in Blue
Three coats over base
(I got schmutz on my index finger, I don't know how.)

This was part of a Facebook promotion between Essie and TOMS footwear. I was really surprised I got a bottle because I missed out the year before.

Barefoot in Blue is a lovely mid-toned blue. I say it's more of a creme/jelly formula because it has a squishy-ness to it. Also the first coat is very sheer. It builds nicely and is opaque at three coats. Dry time is pretty average. The formula is okay. It's thicker yet can be a bit runny. Which means that if you're not careful with thin coats, anything thicker will not level out.

I love the color, it's so lovely. It sits nicely between pastel and jewel. Matt happened to see the photos and even remarked how lovely the color is. A very welcome addition to my stash!

I received this for free as part of a Facebook giveaway sponsored by Essie and TOMS footwear.

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