Berry good, Color Club

Good morning.

Today I have another scented Color Club that I got from Sally to show you. Still not a big fan of scented polish but this is pretty sweet.

Color Club Berry and Bright
Two coats over base

Berry and Bright is a lovely berry red foil that has some blue and purple tones. Yet again this was richly pigmented and I only used two coats. It applied so smoothly and dried very quickly. I love how it glows and it has a richness I really appreciate.

The scent is a sweet berry. I was pleased that it wasn't overly sweet and cloying. It's actually a lighter scent than Gift of Sparkle. The scent also did not linger nearly as long as GoS either. I like that a lot better.

This came as a duo set with a flakie topcoat and so I tried it out over Berry and Bright.

Color Club Berry and Bright with two coats of Snowflakes top coat

I LOVE flakies and I just can't say no. Snowflakes is packed with iridescent flakes that flash red, orange, gold, green and blue. My only complaint is that it took two coats to achieve a denser coverage. But it is a flakie and I just can't have too many.

There ya have it. A pretty foil and flakies. Me gusta.

I purchased this on clearance at Sally Beauty for $3.99.

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  1. I have never seen Color Club polishes at the Sally stores around here...sad!


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