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I was at Fred Meyer last week to check out the after holiday sales when I saw that much of the beauty department had select colors on clearance. All were noted that they are being discontinued. Well, I could not resist but I did limit myself to one from Revlon. Before we get to the swatch, let me say this. Certain Revlon Top Speed colors showed they were being discontinued. This included the glorious Royal. (That I used in nail art HERE.) Now, I don't know if they are being discontinued only at Freddy's or what. I say that because  when I went to Walgreens the next day, they did not have them on clearance. So...yeah. I say stock up on your faves now just in case. Which means I will be getting my third back up of Royal.

Now, moving on to my swatch. I'm slowly expanding my yellow stash and I wanted something new for the Fiesta Bowl mani I did that week. Which is why I decided to bring Electric home with me.

Revlon Electric
Index and middle are over base coat
Ring and pinkie are over two coats of Sally Hansen Fog

Electric is soft banana yellow with subtle shimmer. The formula isn't so hot though. One should expect a yellow to apply streaky. My issue was that it was way streaky with thin coats. Thicker coats weren't much better as evidenced by my middle finger. It's not as self leveling as it could be.
This did dry quickly as promised. I really love the color and the shimmer. The shimmer is subtle but really catches the light.

Overall, I like it. However it's not one I will want to wear on its own. This goes to the Duck Day mani bin. Which is not a bad place to be.

There ya have it for today. I've been a swatching fiend and have more to show you this week.

I purchased this at Fred Meyer for $2.99.

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