Fiesta de los Patos

Good morning!

Shocking that I'm posting twice in one day. However, I did not get my Fiesta Bowl manicure photographed and edited until just now. I'm pleased that my Ducks won their fourth straight bowl game and I feel pretty confident we will make it to the BCS National Championship again one day.

That said, here is the final Duck Day Manicure for the 2012-2013 Football season:

Here's what I used:
Base is Revlon Electric (Swatch to come)
Topped with Essence Tommy's Favorite Green (Who is this Tommy? Really, I must know.)

Once both polishes were dry, I dipped a brush in acetone and gently brushed the surface so the yellow would peek through and the green would be streaky. I was inspired to do this "Acid Wash" manicure by the Daily Varnish. Granted, hers was an Auburn manicure and there's no love lost for Auburn here in Eugene. (We totally had that game, were it not for that last minute field goal.) But, inspiration is inspiration and I'm grateful to have seen Alli's manicure. I just think the colors are better for this one. ;)

So there ya have it. I'm ready for baseball and softball now. And warm weather.

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  1. This color is awesome on you! I picked up 2 colors from this collection! The Muse's Attitude, and The Temptress's Touch. They both have fantastic formulas and I always get compliments on the colors. Great Buy!


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