Franken this

Good morning.

In going through my stash, I came across some frankens I had tried but never swatched. I don't have much success with frankens and I often wonder why I persist. Not all are bad just underwhelming. I also never remember what all I put in them so that may also be my problem.

Neon Purple Franken
Three coats

I really, really wanted to make a dupe of Nina Ultra Pro Grin and Bear-y It. I love that polish so much. Sadly, I don't remember everything I used. My base color is Sinful Dream On. I think I used Claire's Mermaid to add the hoped for blue flash and make it duochrome. Not so much. So I ended up adding Out The Door Northern Lights Holographic Top Coat and called it a day.
It's not a bad job, just not what I wanted.

Teal Shimmer Franken

I really can't recall anything about this or what I was hoping to do. I think I may have used WNW Nocturnal and a touch of China Glaze Fairy Dust. It's blah and applies like crap. No bueno.

Black with Gold Flakie franken

This one is probably my most successful. It has a base of Sally Hansen Midnight in NY. I know I used Orly Fifty-Four which has fine berry red glitter in a shimmery transparent base and is a snotch duochrome. I really wanted to try to make a black with red flash and quickly abandoned the idea. So I used Pure Ice Rosebud and China Glaze Strawberry Fields. I don't recall what exactly added the gold flakes but they are pretty.
This applies fairly sheer and dries okay. I may actually wear this one.

So there ya have it. I don't think frankening is my thing.


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