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I really like finding nail polish sets at Ross that I don't see in drugstores in my area. It just delights me.
I bought a set of Black Radiance back in 2011. Unsurprisingly, I only managed to swatch one of the two. You can view Risque HERE. It's pretty snazzy. But I never swatched the other shade. Story of my blogging life.

Black Radiance Bold & Sexy lacquer in Naught
Three coats over base, no top coat

Naughty isn't a typical shimmery dark grey. It leans more to a deep charcoal metallic and has lots of blue tones. It's a really lovely shade and the shimmer makes it more interesting.
The formula is very thin but not runny. It applies very sheer and a third coat makes it opaque. I would actually recommend four coats for best results because this is still a bit uneven.
The dry time is much better than I anticipated because I usually have drying issues with thin formulas.

 Naughty and Risque are from 2009 and seem to be discontinued. I found them at Ross and I don't recall how much I paid for them.
Black Radiance is a division of Markwins, makers of Wet n' Wild, and can be found at many drugstores. (Just not in Eugene, Oregon.) They launched another nail lacquer collection in the summer of 2012 and may still be hanging out. You can see it HERE.

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