I don't think this is paradise

Good morning.

Guess what? Still have more polishes that have been unswatched. I thought I had covered everything from my last trip to Las Vegas but no. Which is okay because I'm currently undertaking a wear test and I do have some things to show you whilst I am torturing myself. Oy.

Anyway, I have an Island Girl Polish for you today.

Island Girl Oahu Paradise
Three coats over base

Oahu Paradise is a deep verdant jelly. As you can see, it applies really streaky and sheer. It doesn't matter if you apply thick or thin coats, you get the streaks.Which is really disappointing considering how lovely the color is. The good news is that it does dry very quickly.

I think I forgot about the streaks because I only used it once for a Duck Day manicure and didn't post about it. Since I revisited it and learned this, I decided to see if this could be salvaged by sponging.

Island Girl Oahu Paradise
with a fourth coat sponged on top

Soo...sponging kind of works. Not very well though. It's just good enough to make this a base for nail art. That is enough to keep this in my stash. But dang, I wish I had more green jelly polishes. Especially ones that are not as streak-tastic.

I purchased this at an ABC store in Las Vegas for $2.99 in November 2011.

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