I have been Foggy

Good morning.

I went to Walgreens last week both to see what was on sale and to verify if certain Revlon Top Speed colors were being discontinued there as well as at Fred Meyer. While I was there, I did see that some and possibly all (Honestly, I wasn't thorough.) Sally Hansen Smooth and Perfect polishes were being discontinued and marked down.
There were two from that line I had been lemming but just never got around to picking up. I was so pleased just how lovely they were in person.

Today I will start with Fog. I have had such a thing for sheer and shimmery whites for a year now and clearly, that interest is unabated.

Sally Hansen Smooth and Perfect Fog
Three coats over base

I will be honest, I did expect this to be super streaky and sheer. However, I was pleased to see how nicely this builds up. The streaks are actually not too bad. Had my application not been impaired a bit, it would have been hardly streaky. (Oh, I love wine but I ought not to drink it whilst swatching.)
Fog is a soft white with lovely shimmer and a rather squishy texture. I was pleased with how quick it dried and that it does smooth out the nail. I do have some ridges and this smoothed things out.

I was inspired to do another glitter layering combo. I loved what I did with Essie Marshmallow and Stroke of Brilliance so it was time. 

Glittery and shiny

I started with a base of Fog and then applied L.A. Girl Glitter Addict in Animate. I followed that with another coat of Fog. Then I added Love & Beauty Silver over that. L&B silver is a great holo glitter polish that isn't just great layered but can be worn alone. Guess, I need to swatch that, huh?
I finished things over with a final coat of Fog and Out The Door.

It's not quite as milky but I really enjoyed the finished result. The shimmer of Fog is set off by the holo glitter and in turn makes the glitter even more vibrant. Now, I'm inspired to try more layering.

That will do for today. Tomorrow, I will have my other Smooth and Perfect polish for you.

This was purchased at Walgreens for $1.49. 

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