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Good morning.

Today I have some nail art for you. I was totally blown away by cutepolish's recent nail art tutorial that mimics the effect of OPI Black Spotted. You really need to see the video HERE. Of course, I had to do it and I loved it. I also played around with nail art that glows under black light. One of my girlfriends is hosting a black light party for her birthday next week and I must have snazzy nails!

So let's start with the black light looks.

There's a lot going on here and I learned a lot about what glows under black light. I also learned that it is very difficult for me to photograph with a black light. But that's neither here nor there.

All nails have a base of Pure Ice Platinum Base Coat
Index is a sponged gradient/tape look. I used Sinful Fashion Neon and Summer Peach as well as Cosmetic Arts "Atomic Orange." Not my best tape manicure but I wasn't trying hard. This was a demo just to see how it would glow.

Middle finger is a sponge gradient with China Glaze Kiwi-Cool-Ada and Claire's Mood Flirty/Shy. I did the dots with WNW Ebony Hates Chris and Flirty/Shy.

Ring is a sugar skull design. I used the tutorial from The Lacquerologist. I used Claire's Sunshine, Claire's Mood Happy/Earthy and WNW Ebony Hates Chris. It was an easy design but it could use some refinement.

Pinkie has Cherimoya Helios which is a neon crackle in two corners of the nail. Then I used Kleancolor Chunky Holo Candy in the other two corners. I did the dots with Sinful Neon Melon and Fashion Neon.
It was hard to see the crackle but it looked pretty cool under the black light. Plus, who knew that the Kleancolor would glow? Neat!

It was super fun to play like this. Now I just have to pick a design for the party.

Moving on to the cutepolish water spotted nails now...

 Left Hand

Right Hand

Oh my word, this was fun and easy to do. I need to practice a bit more but I learned some things in the process. However, let's start with the color first.

All nails have a base of Pure Ice Platinum Base Coat and are sponged with Sinful Fashion neon and Claire's Flirty/Shy. The black is WNW Ebony Hates Chris.

So what you do after you have painted your nails is drop 3-4 droplets of black polish to a cup of room temperature water. Then you spray that with hand sanitizer, dip your nail for 10 seconds and done.
What I did was spray the polish with rubbing alcohol instead because I don't use hand sanitizer and don't have any. (I wash my hands frequently plus I work from home. Not as many cooties as in the outside world.)
Worked just as well. I learned that you should spray from a pretty good distance or the polish will separate too much.  As evidenced on my left pinkie. Still a cool look though.
My right ring finger didn't turn out as well so I decided to dip a cotton swab in acetone and dab at it a bit. Meh.

There ya have it. I'm excited to do the water spotted again. It could totally work with other colors so the ideas are just spooling through my head.


  1. Hi,
    I recently discovered the water spotted technique and I. MUST. TRY. IT.
    Still I'll have to wait, I cut my nails really short (I do that once a year, like a super hair trim) and I don't think it'll look good on them right now.

    I'm glad I found some one that tried it, I've seen some videos and it looks easy but some other girls have posted things that make it look super difficult.

    1. I'm so glad you found this helpful! The technique is really easy. I'd say the hardest part is picking good color combos and then clean up. My tip for clean up is to use Vaseline or a similar product around my cuticles and under my nail. Makes clean up a breeze and moisturizes my cuticles!


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