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Good morning.

I had to hit up some thrift stores in my area to get some needed supplies for the upcoming black light party I will be attending. Naturally, I kept an eye open for nail polish because nail polish. St. Vinnie's did not let me down even though what they had to offer was kind of meh.

I bought two polishes, both of which are colors that I tend to refer to as telenovela shades. Allow me a little explanation. In high school, I was obsessed with telenovelas. I'd watch them during the summer and ostensibly it was to help improve my Spanish. (Clearly, that did not work because the little Spanish I do know is embarrassingly abysmal.) Nonetheless, I was hooked on these shows. One thing that always got to me was how the actors were styled. The makeup was bright, the nails really long and usually painted in some kind of fuchsia, pink or red. It was kind of tacky but not. It was just a lot of look.
Since then, I've always associated some colors with telenovelas. So I like to pretend I'm the star of a telenovela whenever I wear said shades. What? It's not weird or anything.

First up, we have an older Sinful Colors:

Sinful Colors Soft Fuchsia
Three coats over base coat

This is definitely fuchsia. It's shimmery and a wee bit duochrome. The formula is really thin and runny but it builds nicely. Dry time was not so great hence the dings and scratches on my index and middle fingers. 
I did find it interesting that the bottle touted that it was formaldehyde and toluene free. I figured it was the old fashioned formula. Who knew?
Either way, this is my favorite kind of telenovela color. The actor who would wear this was usually a slightly rebellious and deeply passionate character. Kind of like me.

Next up is a brand that I haven't seen in forever.

Cheri Blackberry Shine
Three coats over base coat

Blackberry shine is a berry toned red with shimmer. I should have thinned this out before swatching it because it was thick and hard to apply. It's pretty nicely pigmented and I was pleased it was not streaky. Dry time was meh yet again and I got scratches and dings.
This color is sweet and the actor that would wear this usually played a scheming and mischievous character who usually was engaged in all kinds of nefarious plots but was also really misunderstood. 

Overall, it was cool to find these and they make me happy. I haven't watched a telenovela in forever but I do watch the dating game show 12 Coarazones. That show is so rad. It's a crazy quilt of dating show, debate and zodiac/psychic silliness. It often has participants in costume and often requires the participants to make a spectacle of themselves in order to win a "heart." There is also a lot of what I think is highly inappropriate physical displays that seem really odd to do when you have just met someone. But that's just me. It has a lot going on all at once and it is everything I could ever have wanted. I highly recommend it.

There ya have it. I have the nail polish I need to be a star. Now I just need to actually learn Spanish.

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