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I have realized I have a problem. I have ended up with so many mint green polishes. Not that this is a bad thing, just something I noticed. I rationalized it this time because it's Orly. I love Orly and I had to have it. Plus Sally was having a BOGO on Orly products. Who doesn't love a good sale?

Orly Gumdrop
Three coats over base

Gumdrop. You, pretty, pretty mint green. Yes, this is from the Sweet Collection for Spring 2010. So it's been around awhile. But not at my nearest Sally until recently. I loved that collection so much and I HAD to have this.
Look, I'm not gonna try and talk about the formula. Just know it applies way better than most pastels and dries in a snap. Also know as typical Orly formulation. 

It may be from a Spring collection but I feel this kind of green is really suited for year round wear. It may have also had something to do with the fact that it has been very sunny as of late. Either way, it was great on my nails and I'm so thrilled to finally have it in my collection.

Speaking of sun, I'm quite glad it is so bright BUT it is so freaking cold. Cold and clear winters give me anxiety because they usually lead to wet and chilly spring which then leads to lukewarm summer. This also means that it is stupid dry. I cannot absorb enough moisture into my skin and I keep zapping my cats thanks to the static electricity. My poor kitties...they hate winter as much as I do.

That will do for now. I have more of my Sally haul to show this week!

I purchased this at Sally Beauty during a Buy One Get One Free sale. I was not charged for this since another Orly product I bought was rung up first. Yay for BOGO sales!

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