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Good afternoon and Happy New Year!

I hope everybody had a great time last night. Matt and I stayed home and had a lovely, romantic evening. Matt made a 7 course meal that was sublime. He made these super tasty olive appetizers, miso soup, scallops, rib eye steak, salad and caramelized bananas with vanilla ice cream for dessert. He even served a luscious lemon sorbet as a palate cleanser between the fish and meat courses. It was simply fabulous.

Afterwards, we settled in and watched The Voice UK. One of the nice things about watching TV online is finding programs you wouldn't see on cable. We both love The Voice and we had to see the UK version because of Tom Jones. I love Tom Jones. And not in an ironic way. Anyway...at midnight we cracked open some champagne and toasted the New Year. It was truly the perfect way to celebrate.

Though our celebration was really low-key, it didn't mean I neglected my nails. I tried out the ruffle/cloud nail art and was rather pleased with the results. I'm not particularly skilled at free handing so these kinds of nail art techniques intimidate me. I definitely need practice but so far, so good!

 Taken outdoors in weak sunlight

Above two photos taken indoors under Ott Light

What I used:
The base is Claire's Mood Excited/Bored. I thought using a color changing polish would make for a fun base color and it really was. 
I used Orly Pure Porcelain and Destined Berry Sparkle for the cloud/ruffle design. I loved how all three colors worked together and well, I had to have glitter for NYE. What better than holo glitter?

Clearly, I need to practice this technique. But I'm quite proud of my first attempt.

That will do for today, guys. Today is Matt's last day off and I'm tying to convince him to play some Kinect Sports with me once the Rose Bowl is over.

Thanks for coming by and HAPPY NEW YEAR!


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