The Color Workshop Mini Nail Salon Care Kit

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Today I am showing you a gift that my parents gave me for Christmas. I'm such a sucker for the gift sets that appear during the holidays and I was delighted to receive this one.

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The Color Workshop Mini Nail Salon Care Kit consists of 6 nail polishes and a battery operated nail dryer.
It comes in white, pink and black. The dryer takes 4 AA batteries and the battery slot is located under the clear plastic lid.

The dryer is fairly quiet and works well. However, the panel you need to press to make it work requires a lot of pressure. You also need to hold it down all the way to ensure you get full air flow. So it's not super easy to use but it does work.
The top part of the dryer also doubles as storage. You could keep your manicure implements stored there or store the polishes that came with it. Which is what I am currently doing.

Let's take a look at the polishes then. None of the colors are named so I will be describing them by color.

Shimmery Baby Pink
Three coats over base coat

This baby pink is very sheer and applies kind of streaky. It does have a lovely subtle shimmer. I was surprised by how quickly it dried. Not my color and I would prolly use it for a French manicure. if I were so inclined.

Shimmery Rose
three coats over base coat

It was terribly frustrating that I could not capture this as accurately. It is a rosy pink with very subtle shimmer. It's still little sheer at three coats and a bit streaky. This dried very quickly as well.

Red crelly
three coats over base

This is a classic red and is more a creme/jelly formulation. At three coats, there is still some VNL but not as much as the others. Dry time was fast and application smooth.

Wine Jelly
three coats over base

This purple toned wine jelly is a mainstay of most gift sets. It's a great vampy color and flatters a lot of skin tones. It did apply streaky. I found that thicker coats helped with that but it's still not perfect. Dry time was fast as well.

Teal Shimmer
three coats over base

This lovely teal shimmer was one of my favorites. It's a lovely color and glows. It does apply sheer on the first stroke but builds nicely. Dry time was excellent. my only complaint is that it is a bit brushstroke-y.

Black creme with green shimmer and pink glitter
Three coats over base
Last photo blurred to show shimmer

Now, this was my very favorite. I figure it was a black with fine glitter, yawn. Boy was I surprised. This has really beautiful, fine green shimmer and pink microglitter. I have not seen anything like it and I wish this was a full size. (Hint to Markwins: Make this for Wet n' Wild.)
It applied really nicely, built up quickly and dried fast. I wish there had been some sunlight so I really could capture how lovely it is. I think i'm going to have to try to franken this. I need more of it in my life.

So there ya have it. What a fun and thoughtful gift from my parents that was loaded with pleasant surprises. I did not anticipate these polishes to apply as nicely or dry as quickly as they did.

This can still be purchased at and may still be available at local Walmart stores. I received this a gift fro my parents.

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