The gift of scent

Good morning.

Man, I had the best time shopping at Sally last week or so. I was just loading my little basket right up. I also got some things on clearance that I probably would've passed up. Not because it was bad. More to do with being cheap. Mind you, I was excited to see Color Club at Sally. I can only get it at Ross and T.J. Maxx and  much of the time I'm too lazy to go to either one. So, yeah.

Let's move on to the photos.

Color Club Gift of Sparkle
Two coats over Essence Nail Art Base Coat

First of all, there was a few differences between the Sally version of Color Club's Winter Affair collection from the one offered elsewhere. The Sally set had a couple of different colors with the same name and they were all scented. The set you could buy elsewhere were not scented.
Now, I typically eschew scented polishes. Not always because the scents are bad or smell really fake. Mainly because I know I'm going to tire of the scent and it is going to interfere with me smelling other things. Like food. Which isn't so great when you're making a pot roast and you keep smelling a vaguely sweet scent and wonder if you accidentally added vanilla extract rather than Worcestershire sauce. Just sayin'.

That said, Gift of Sparkle has what I think of as a butter cream frosting scent. It has hints of vanilla and caramel to it but it's hard to pin down exactly what this was supposed to smell of. It wasn't unpleasant or cloying just surprising every time it wafted up to me. I had to remind myself that it was scented and that I was not having a stroke.
Gift of Sparkle is a great deep metallic blue. It looks almost glass fleck in my photos but it is just super sparkly and glow-y. I like sparkly.

Let's talk about the formula. This glided on so smooth and dried so quickly. Delightful. I was most impressed by the pigmentation. I applied two coats and was good to go. It's rare I apply two coats of any polish. Three is my happy place. I'm also pretty sure this could be stamped with since it is so pigmented. 

To sum up, I love this. The scent part isn't bad but I think it would've been just fine without scent too.

There ya have it. A pretty polish that just may be extra versatile for me.

I purchased this at Sally Beauty for $1.99 on clearance.

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