Twining Vines

Good morning.

Today I have yet another unswatched item. I love Wet n' Wild so much and the two mini makeup collections they released last spring were great. I chose the Flora set because I was so drawn to the eyeshadow. I love green but the orange in the palette was calling my name. It was just a bonus that it came with polish.
You can see swatches of the eyeshadow from this collection HERE.

Wet n' Wild Twining Vines, three coats

Twining Vines is a foiled almost glass fleck green with yellow tones. It applies very nicely but it is quite sheer. Despite being sheer, it really catches the light and that can make it look more opaque. This could easily layer over another polish and I have done so. But there is just something about this that I really prefer wearing on its own.

Unfortunately, this was an LE polish that only came in the Flora set. I hope Wet n' Wild will bring it back because it is so lovely.

That will do for today, guys. I'm still working on some more to show you!

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