Born Pretty Store Stamping Plate Review

Good day!

I was pretty excited when Born Pretty Store contacted me for review. They offer so many amazing nail art supplies and cool nail polishes at low prices.

I immediately jumped at the chance to try one of the many stamping plates they offer. I chose item ID: 1924 because it had adorable animal designs. Most importantly, it had a cute cat design!

The plate came packaged in plastic and had blue plastic film protecting the designs.

Seriously, how cute are these designs?

Before I decided on which design to use, I decided to see how well the images transferred on to paper.

Konad Special Polish in Metallic Blue was used for these designs.

They all transferred cleanly and pretty crisply. Let me note that I do need a new scraper. I've been using an old gift card and frankly, I hate it. It never cleanly scrapes away the excess polish. Gratefully, Born Pretty Store sells scrapers and stampers too! Nonetheless, I was impressed by how well the images did transfer in spite of my crappy scraper.

I knew exactly what I wanted to do once I go this plate. I'm an amateur crazy cat lady so it was only appropriate that I pay tribute to my little kittehs with a cool manicure.

Oh, come on meow!

The kitty face designs just look so happy and represent my babies pretty well. They are all super spoiled and pampered.

Here's what I used:

Index finger has a base of  CQ Rustic Dream. This color is perfect for my Gus. His body is mainly white but he has these large, stripe-y orange patches on his head and back. Depending on the light, his orange spots look peachy or really gingery.
I used Konad Special Polish in White for the kitty face and Kiss Nail Artist Pen to write his name.

My middle finger has a base of China Glaze Riveting. I chose this for Dita for three reasons. She has a feisty personality, her fur is kind of frizzy so she looks like she's electrified when the light is behind her and because female orange cats are very rare. Which means my feisty little tiger is pretty special. 
Again, I used Konad Special Polish for the stamp and Kiss Nail Artist Pen for her name.

My ring finger has a base of Butter London Bumster.  Trixie is actually quite yellow rather than orange and that's why I chose Bumster. Unsurprisingly, I used Konad Special Polish and Kiss Nail Artist Pen to finish the design. I have a special kinship with Trixie because she used to come visit me when she was a street kitty. She ended up having her babies in my front yard and decided she was moving in with me. We're best pals and she helped heal my broken heart. She is the best cat EVER.

For my pinkie, I decided to do the DIY Liquid Sand again. I painted my nail with base coat and then shook white with silver glitter embossing powder over it. 

I think this came out pretty cute. My only complaint was that I didn't get the stamp centered enough on my middle finger. Then again, Dita twists herself into some interesting shapes so...this seems fitting.

Overall, I love this plate. the designs are adorable and the images are perfectly engraved for a clean and crisp transfer. You can buy item ID:1924 HERE for $2.99.

Born Pretty Store was also kind enough to offer a coupon code to receive 10% off your order. 

You can click the above photo to be taken to Born Pretty Store and start shopping! That's not all, guys.
If 10 or more people use this coupon code, Born Pretty Store will graciously sponsor a giveaway. How rad is that?

My thanks to Born Pretty Store for the opportunity to review. It was lots of fun and I'm sure to make my own nail art order soon. (I've been a good Lamb and my tax refund will be along soon.)

This item was sent to me for review. The opinions expressed are my own and do not necessarily reflect those of Born Pretty Store.

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