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Good morning.

I love Dollar Tree so much. I'm quite cheap and I will think long and hard on buying something over $10. But price it at $1 and I will snap it up. There's some exceptions of course but I'm cheap, cheap, cheap. This has served me well with nail polish. Which is what led me to L.A. Colors. I really love the brand and it wears really well on me so...the value it brings exceeds its price point.

I've purchased almost all the colors offered at my local Dollar Tree so I was pretty happy to see what the Roseburg store would offer. Gratefully they had a color that I saw once, wanted and was never in stock at my location.

L.A Colors Craze in Current
Four coats over base coat

Current is a pastel green duochrome that flashes blue. I knew it would be sheer but I was curious to see what kind of opacity I could build it to. I ended up applying four coats and it's still sheer but not terribly so. It kind of blurs that VNL.

I know, four coats is and seems excessive. But this dries very quickly so there isn't a long wait between coats. It applies smoothly and the brush strokes are minimal. I usually buy these kinds of soft duochromes for layering but I've begun using them in jelly sandwiches as well. 

Of course I tried layering it...

 One coat of Current layered over
Essence Exits on Your Right

Exits on Your Right is yellow toned green and thanks to the blue flash of Current, the blue tones are much more pronounced. Handy if yellow tones are not for you. 

That will do it for today, guys. I'm still doing a ton of painting in the house. Our bedroom is just about done. I have to finish painting inside the closet and once dry and aired out, we can move in. I'm finishing the rest of my kitchen/dining room and then I have to finish the hallway. I'm a bit embarrassed that my dining area was never painted and it looked weird being cut from yellow to white. All I can say in my defense was that I got busy. I've had three different jobs since buying the house eight years ago. Shit happens, yo. But I'm looking forward to having it all done this week. Then I can rest and decide what the hell I am going to do with my actual dining room and maybe, just maybe tackle the half bath. Home improvements are never really done, are they?

I purchased this at Dollar Tree in Roseburg, Oregon and paid $1.00. Dollar Tree is my pusher and nail polish is my drug.


  1. So you are painting too? What a pain in the butt that is, am I right? I have this and it is a very old untried of mine.I need to take that baby out it is lovely!

    1. I actually love painting but I think I'm a bit burned out right now. I'm still working on the hallway, so much taping!

      Glad you liked my swatches, you should definitely try Current out. It's been fun for jelly sandwich manis.


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