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Today I'm bringing you a polish I picked up at Forever 21 last spring. I'm not certain why I held off on swatching it and it really doesn't matter why. What matters are the terribly unhelpful and generic naming that goes on with these Love & Beauty polishes. If they are even named at all. Seriously, it's not hard to name them. It doesn't even have to make sense. I have a polish from Mexico with the color name of Red Pigeon. Granted, it is a red but red pigeon? I don't understand, nor do I need to. All I'm saying is that even a random coupling of words is preferable. Take heed Forever 21.

Let's move on to some photos:

Love & Beauty Purple/Blue
Three coats over PVA glue base

Purple/Blue is the name of this. Really. Just imagine if you couldn't see a photo of it, you couldn't begin to imagine what it might look like. How would you know that it's a mid tone metallic purple base loaded with blue glitter? Or that the purple base is also a weak duochrome that dries to a satin finish? You wouldn't.
You also wouldn't if it was called Blueberry Sprinkles but at least you would be intrigued enough to take a better look. I've made my point about naming, moving on.

The formula on this isn't so hot. It applies streaky and is a bit thick. It does go on pretty sheer too. However, it's an intriguing polish because the base is metallic and slightly duochrome. Add the satiny finish once it dries and you have something fairly unique. This is definitely one I would layer with over a lilac or something. 

I dig it because it is a bit unusual and the dry time is pretty good. This makes for a worthwhile layering polish methinks.

How do you feel about nail polish naming? Do you care if it's only numbered or do you prefer a snazzy name?

I picked this up at Forever 21 in Spring 2012 and paid $2.80.


  1. Bwehhh yeah polishes need names!! I posted about this polish called 'cosmic purple' about a week ago and it could be purple/blue's big sister haha :D

  2. Blueberry sprinkles is a perfectname for this. I agree, their names are very lazy/tired.


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