Goldie and the Gingerbreads

Good morning.

I've swatched all the rest of my Zoya stash and will have them up before too long. Today I'm bringing another weakness of mine when it comes to nail polish. I'm a sucker for gold and silver polish. I don't know why gold exactly since I hate yellow gold jewelry. I got nothin'.

BTW, the post has nothing to do with the musical group, Goldie and the Gingerbreads. I just liked using it. However, the band Isis that came from the ashes of that group was really rad. Not to be confused with the "post-metal" band, Isis that I did not so much care for.

Moving away from obscure musical groups, we can go on to nail polish.

Zoya Goldie
Three coats over base coat

Goldie is from the 2009 Summer Ooh-La-La collection. It's what I like to call an old gold. It's vibrant but it's not bling-y. It reminds me of estate jewelry. 

Three coats is best for opacity. It looks sheerer on me but I assure you it will apply opaque. I have issues with my nails sometimes and polish won't become opaque. Usually it occurs when the weather is weird or my health is not good. Currently the weather has been strange. We had a couple of warm-ish sunny days and then it went super cold and rained. Yesterday, there was a hailstorm. So this makes my nails and skin freak out. 

Anyway, Goldie does have some brush stokes but nothing terrible. It dries slower than most of my other Zoyas but I can deal with it. The formula isn't too runny or thin and glides smoothly. I adore the color and I use this a lot with metallic reds for nail art.

There ya have it, one down and several more to go.

I got this in the 2010 Zoya Polish Exchange in which I only paid $3.50 per bottle to cover the shipping fee. I made my sister get rid of some ancient and ugly nail polishes in order to take advantage of it. No worries, she got some pretty new Zoyas out of the deal. And the ones given up were hideous. I did her a favor.

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