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Good morning.

Today I'm bringing a China Glaze polish purchased and never swatched. I held off because there were elebenty billion photos at the time. So...if you forgot about it, here's your reminder. Also, I don't have much to say only because I am really tired. Matt and I stayed up way too late watching House of Cards on Netflix. Having complete seasons of television programs available is so awesome and so killing me. I spend way too much time engrossed in these programs.

China Glaze Optical Illusion
Three coats over PVA glue base

For some reason, I felt underwhelmed by the Prismatic Chroma glitters. Not that they weren't pretty and sparkly. I think it was because I had seen so many indie companies release duochrome glitters and that made it not as unique.
That said, I do love this. The formula is easy and smooth. It dries quickly and builds nicely. I wore it many times last summer because I loved how sparkly it was. 

And, that will do it for today. I'm going to stay away from the television and finish reading Hitch-22: A Memoir by Christopher Hitchens. I feel so guilty that it has taken me almost three weeks to read it. Particularly since I had such a fondness for his writing and I miss it terribly. 

Are you reading any books? I love to know what other people read. I'm just nosy like that. 

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