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Well, I'm disappointed that my 49ers lost the Super Bowl. I think they will continue to do great and I'm certain they will win another Super Bowl soon. Rather than dwell upon it, I bring you the start of my unswatched Zoya stash. I have swatched some and I swatched all of my sister's Zoyas but I fell way behind on properly displaying mine.

As you know, I love duo and multichrome finishes. When Zoya launched the Reverie Collection in 2010, you better believe I was all about Adina.

 Above photos taken in sunlight

Zoya Adina, three coats over base
Photo taken in natural indoor light

Adina is a glorious cool toned purple that flashes blue and green. But it also has a nice pink sheen. I've never had issue with Zoya's formula and this is no different. It applied smoothly and dried fairly quick. I admit to using quick dry agents with polishes that are not "fast dry." I use Sinful Colors Quick Dry solution and it works very well.
Normally, I use Zoya Anchor with any of my Zoya polishes. I don't have a good reason for doing so, I just do. This time I used OPI Nail Envy Maintenance. No issues with chipping or wear because of it. It is a wee bit brushstroke-y but nothing that would trouble me. 

Overall, Adina is gorgeous and definitely a must have for lovers of duo and multichromes.

That will do for today. More unswatched Zoyas and others to follow...

I purchased this in 2011 from If I remember correctly, this was when they were still selling for $7.00. They now retail at $8.00.

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