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Good day!

It's a good day for me anyway. I love football and my San Francisco 49ers are playing in the Super Bowl! It's also a proud day for any Oregon Duck fan whether you are a Ravens or Niners fan. Baltimore boasts Haloti Ngata who was one of the best defensive players the Pac-10 has ever seen. Ngata has had a crazy successful NFL career, being named to the Pro Bowl four times.
San Francisco drafted LaMichael James this year and he has had one amazing rookie season. LaMichael was one of the best running backs Oregon has ever had. He came in third for Heisman voting, broke Pac-10 records and set quite a few of his own. I have had the great privilege to see both men in action at Oregon so this is really cool.

That all said, my team is San Francisco. I've been a fan since the glory days of their reign in the 80s. So it makes me so damn happy to see them back in the Super Bowl. Naturally, I had to do my own special manicure.

Here's how it all breaks down:

Thumb and middle are one coat Orly Solid Gold topped with Wet n' Wild 24 Carats
Pinkie is just three coats of WnW 24 Carats (Should have layered it too.)
Index and ring have a base of Color Club Berry and Bright
The "explosions" are Sally Hansen Midnight in NY and L.A. Colors Art Deco 24K Glitter

I used the Nailside  tape tutorial HERE. I think it came out great and is perfectly sparkly and bright. 

That will do for now. Matt and I have a ton of cooking to do. We're making turkey sliders and Matt is making the buns from scratch. I'm making an onion marmalade to top said sliders with. 

In case you were wondering, Matt and I are divided on today's game. He's a Seattle Seawhawks fan so he just can't root for the Niners. So he's going for Baltimore and hoping to see Ray Lewis end a spectacular carer with a Super Bowl win. I just want to see the Niners win their sixth Super Bowl.

Thanks for coming by and have a great day!


  1. This is beautiful! And sporty! May I invite you to play in the Manibowl on my blog today? The 49ers are winning, but this would really put them over the top! Pretty please ? ? With sugar on top LOL?


    1. Thank you very much! Count me in for your Manibowl, sounds cool!


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