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Good morning!

I've been busy re-painting my living room so I neglected my duties here. Since it's also a "holiday," I decided to once again tell the tale of the best Valentine's Day EVER.  I'm not so excited by Valentine's Day. I am a romantic, I just don't like being manipulated into romance. But this, this was truly the most cherished memory I have with my husband.

I met Matt in 1999 and fell madly in love. I still am. In spite of the things we do that annoy the shit out of one another. I knew I was crazy about him and he about me. But there was one small obstacle. Matt had what I considered to be horrible taste in music and he was often horrified by my taste in music. I say this was an obstacle because it meant I had to listen to a lot of things I didn't like and didn't have as much opportunity to play what I liked around him. No bueno. I'm all about equality, yo.

Flash to early 2002 and I'm idly looking at the upcoming concert listings in the newspaper. (Yep. I'm old enough to have once religiously read a newspaper. Only because there wasn't enough local coverage online at the time.) I didn't think I'd find anything awesome much less in Eugene. Normally I'd look at the listings for Portland. This time I saw the most glorious listing. SLAYER was going to be playing in Eugene!!! They were also playing on Valentine's Day which tickled me to no end.

I didn't even consult Matt. I immediately got on the phone and bought tickets. (Again, buying tickets online wasn't always as convenient back then.) I knew this show would sell out fast and I was not about to miss it. I was not wrong, the show sold out within 25 minutes. When Matt picked me up from work that day, I told him I had made plans for us on Valentine's Day.

He was apprehensive for sure. He didn't know much about Slayer and had not been impressed when I took him to see Six Feet Under the previous year. I figured he'd like Slayer better so I began playing him lots and lots of their music. He didn't care for them but he was good and said nothing.

The big day came and my poor husband to be was a trooper. I warned him that it would be crowded, loud and chaotic. Also that there may or may not be violence. Again, I was not wrong. The show was everything I would hope for. It was held at the McDonald Theater which was not a good choice considering it is a historical landmark and gorgeous. Ultimately, the theater sustained some damage and never has a metal band been booked again. We had great seats, Matt ended up liking the opening bands and then Slayer came on.

That's when Matt saw just how insane I am. Here was his cute little girlfriend turning into a screaming, headbanging banshee. And she's singing along with every song. I think what terrified him the most was when I lost my shit when Slayer played Raining Blood. Dave Lombardo had re-joined the band and that song is one of the best to showcase what a bad ass drummer he is. It was insanity.

Once the show was over and we staggered back to our car, I was blissfully happy and hoarse. Matt had a strange expression on his face though. So I asked him what he thought and he said, "It was okay." My heart could've broken right there until he said, "I'm glad we went. I could tell you had a great time and I liked those two other bands." Way to save it Matt.

This illustrated for me how much Matt loved me,being willing to attend concerts he wasn't into and giving it a chance. And that is the big reason why it's the best Valentine's Day ever. The biggest being that I saw Slayer however. Let's keep the priorities straight now.

All these many years later and we've seen Slayer three more times. Matt still is not a fan but he's much more positive toward them. His taste in music has also improved. So I think I'll keep him. He really is the best husband ever.

In remembrance of that beautiful day, I'm re-posting my Slayer manicure. Because SLAYER.

Thanks for coming by today, guys. I hope you have a lovely day and wishing you a brutally awesome Valentine's Day.

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