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So where the hell have I been? Well...I was a wee bit lazy and caught up in catching up on a TV show. But mostly I have been training. Matt and I will be participating in this year's Truffle Shuffle on Sunday.
The Truffle Shuffle is a fundraiser for Big Brothers/Big Sisters of Lane County. They offer a 2 mile walk, 2 mile run and 4 mile run.
I know what you're thinking. "Lamby, you don't run EVER. What are you doing?" I'm walking. I enjoy long walks and since I don't drive, I walk or bike around town. Most importantly, I'm doing this to support my husband and help my local community. How does this help Matt? Since he ran the Warrior Dash last year, he's decided he will run in as many events as possible this year. He was a bit ambivalent about this event so I offered to walk while he ran. He's so excited now and we have both been training. Since I have a sit down type job, I know I'm not up to my usual level so I gotta work it.

So yeah. That's what's been going on. I did not forget to do some swatching though. Today I'm showing my oldest and most favorite Zoya.

Zoya Lianne
Three coats over base

Lianne is from 2008's Chit-Chat collection. It's a juicy orange loaded with golden shimmer. This was the first Zoya I ever bought and it made me a huge fan. The formula is fabulous and surprisingly not brush stroke-y. This also dries pretty damn quick. It's a snotch sheer but nothing that bothers me.

I love, love this color. I was head over heels for it when I bought it. Mind you, at that time I was slowly getting back to doing my nails because I worked at a beauty supply and felt it best to look much more pulled together. (Previously, I worked at Old Navy and my hands were just wrecked. Thanks to cardboard boxes, box cutters and all the assorted items needed to merchandise and build displays.)

I was so crazy about this color that I even brought it along with me on our trip to Yellowstone that year. I wanted to be sure my nails were always looking great. That set a precedent and now I never go away even for a weekend without polish, remover, base and top coat.

It was great fun putting this on again. Nothing like a bright and shimmery shade to perk you up when it is hailing outside.

I purchased this at Ed Wyse Beauty Supply back in 2008. At the time, I was employed there so I received a discount. Which was a percentage off of the wholesale price. Final price was $2.10.
Damn right I miss that job.


  1. It looks extremely pretty. Have ordered my bottle. :)

    1. Glad you liked it. I think you'll love it when you get yours!


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