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Good morning!

I did quite well last weekend as far as hauling nail polish. I hit up Kmart, Freddy's and Dollar Tree. Yesterday, I ranted about my beloved Freddy's as well as the thoughtless and inconsiderate shoppers at the Roseburg store. In spite of that, Freddy's did well by me. It also made me grateful that the people shopping at the Freddy's nearest me are much more considerate.

Anyway...I picked up something from Essence's Ready For Boarding Trend Edition.

Essence Exits on Your Right
Three coats over base coat

Exits on Your Right is a pale, pastel green creme with yellow undertones. I was impressed that the formula wasn't too thick nor was it chalky. I was pleased that this dried very quickly and that it self levels.
I know, it's another minty-ish green. But all my others are more blue based so this actually stands out. It has inspired a lot of nail art ideas so don't be surprised if it makes many appearances.

I love that Fred Meyer carries Essence. It's become a favorite and not just for the nail products. I have a lip gloss and eyeliner that are rad and were oh so cheap. I am disappointed that the TEs take so long to make it to the States and some of them if at all. I'm also annoyed with myself because I always seem to miss when the TEs are first installed in store. This means I missed out on the peel off base coat...Boo. I noticed that the TEs go on clearance very quickly at Fred Meyer too. Which works out for me, I still get something and pay a bit less. So...I still win.

I purchased this at Fred Meyer in Roseburg, OR. This was on clearance for $1.57.

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