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I know I have a backlog to work through and I have since added to the stash but I had to show the newest offering from Milani that I picked up. Before I do, I have a bit of a rant.

 Here in the Pacific Northwest we have the glorious Fred Meyer stores. I love Freddy's, always have. But more so when it comes to feeding my addiction. They picked up Essence which made me absolutely giddy. Plus the store nearest me is less than a mile from my house. This means I walk over to Freddy's at least twice a week. So I'm pretty damned familiar with what is and is not in stock at that location.

Which leads to part one of my rant: My store used to carry a tiny bit of Milani and then it disappeared. I actually emailed Fred Meyer to find out why and never got a response so I gave up and decided I'd just have to hit the Kmart whenever I was in Roseburg. (Which is a little over an hour drive away.) Then come the new Texture Cream polishes. I HAD to have at least one. So I hit up Freddy's on Twitter. They were good enough to look into it for me and said Milani is being carried at my location. Guess what? It's NOT there. But it is at the Roseburg store. And I'm sure it pops up at one of the Eugene locations but it's certainly not in Springfield. So...I'm a snotch annoyed with my local Freddy's. WTF y'all? Give me some context so I can better understand your methods.

Part two of my rant is the assholes at the Roseburg store swatching polish on their nails. I watched three women do this. I don't have the ick factor that some do because nail polish is not an ideal environment for bacteria. However, I have a real problem with polish that ends up gloopy or bottles that can't be opened because some asshole didn't cap it tightly or spilled polish all over the neck of the bottle. Fuck you, fuck you, fuck you. This is clearly widespread in Roseburg because Freddy's had a bin of marked down, as-is polishes that inconsiderate jackoffs had opened, spilled and damaged. No me gusta.

There. I feel better. Now we can move on to the two Texture Creams I snagged that were not opened nor swatched. I feel confident about this because it appeared only one color available was popular and had sold out.

Milani Texture Cream in Yellow Mark
 Above, one coat over base coat

All others, two coats over base coat

Yellow Mark is a bright yellow creme. The formula was thinner than I anticipated. It went on nicely and one coat was okay but I preferred two. The brush was a bit wonky but I managed to work with it. Dry time took a little longer than anticipated, about five minutes. The thin formula means the texture effect didn't apply evenly over the entire nail and necessitated a second coat.
I'm excited to use this for a Duck Day manicure.

Milani Texture Cream Shady Gray
Two coats over base coat

Shady Gray is a dark grey creme. The formula on this is quite thin and runny. Two coats is a must for best coverage. Dry time was similar to Yellow Mark. Because the formula was runny, I had a bit too much on the brush and it deposited a big glop on my pinkie. But the brush was much better on this.

The texture on both of these reminds me of popcorn ceilings. I hate that in a home but I like it on my nails. I did try top coat over these but I hated how it looked. It doesn't entirely smooth out so it looks like there's little bits of schmutz all over the nail. Lesson learned. Removal of these is very easy, not at all like glitter. That's a relief!

So, what do you think of the texture trend? Are you in or out?

I purchased these at Fred Meyer in Roseburg, OR for $4.49 each.

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  1. I thought I didn't like the whole textured look but I'm sort of into the grey. I'll have to go to Fred Meyer!


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