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I never take part in nail art challenges because I know I'll not make the deadlines. But I love seeing what all these talented and creative people come up with. I was particularly inspired by a theme of school colors. You guys know how much I love my University of Oregon Ducks. But I wanted to do something different.
So I decided to do nail art for my high school.

Yep. High school. I went to a really big school and this was good because it made it particularly difficult to have many cliques. Clearly, there were groups one was a part of but it wasn't the typical classicism usually found. One could easily have friends from all groups.

I did not much care for high school mainly because my school was very driven. There was a strong focus on being career oriented and teachers and staff were unable to really help if you didn't know what you wanted to be. At my school, the sciences and athletics were a big deal. They were trying to churn out Nobel winners, politicians and superstar athletes. Being that this was Southern California, a few actors and singers would have been okay too. But that was it. If you were not interested in being a microbiologist, future District Attorney or playing first base for the Dodgers, you were kind of adrift.

I was a B student and had decided to focus on getting a business degree because I figured it would at least keep me employed until I figured out just what I wanted to do. That meant I was pretty much ignored and received lackluster advice at best. Meh.

In spite of all this, I did meet some really lovely people and developed some long lasting friendships. Friendships that are still going strong today. So that's why I'm doing this nail art.

We are the Golden Hawks!

Okay then. All nails have a base of Color Club Almost Famous. I used Sally Hansen Black Patent Leather for the water spotting and stamp. The stamp is from a set of plates I got on eBay. It's not really a hawk but it does the trick. I'm a little disappointed that I had some shrinkage at the tips of my index and middle fingers as well as my stamp streaking from the top coat. Otherwise, it's pretty cool.

So, high school was pretty boring for me. But it brought me good friends and good times with those friends.

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