What's hiding in my mom's vanity?

Good morning.

Recently, my mom cleaned out her vanity and bathroom and loaded up a giant bag of goodies for me and my sister to go through. Let me put it this way, my mom likes to buy lots of product. I'm all stocked up on lotions, manicure aids, latex gloves for hair coloring and bars of soap. I was particularly excited when I found an old polish buried in the bottom of the bag and I claimed it before my sister could even look through the bag.

Wet n Wild Blue Blast
Three coats over base coat

I vaguely remember my mom buying this at Kmart shortly after she moved to Oregon. We used this a lot back then because a third of it is gone. This was probably 2000/2001 when she bought it. Blue Blast is an icy, frosty blue. It's streaky, the brush strokes are insane and it's patchy. The formula is thin but not runny.

I actually love icy quality of this. Normally, I would pass on this because of the brush strokes but I did learn that frosts can be salvaged by sponging. I also have a bit of nostalgia for this since it brings back some happy memories of my mom first coming here, my sister's pregnancy with her youngest son as well as memories of my early relationship with my husband. Nostalgia is funny...

That was a super fun blast from the past. Nail fanatics of a certain age, do you remember the frost-tastic offerings from Wet n Wild back in the day? How do you feel about NP companies trying to bring them back?

This was given to me by my mom. I can't remember what she had even paid for it 12-13 years ago. There's not even a Kmart store in Eugene/Springfield anymore.

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