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Today I am re-visiting Misa Dirty, Sexy Money. I bought it shortly after I began blogging nail polish. I did a terrible swatch of it here. Now that I have improved my technique and photography some, I decided I needed to swatch it again.

Misa Dirty, Sexy Money
Three coats over base coat

DSM is one of Misa's most beloved colors. It's clear why, it's a perfect teal creme. I didn't realize how popular it was when I bought it. I saw two swatches, liked it and bought it. Then I kept reading how everyone was trying to find it and it was constantly sold out. So I got lucky. Now it's much easier to get a hold of.

DSM applies gorgeously. Super smooth and dries quickly to a sleek finish. I suppose one could get away with two, thick coats. I prefer three. Always. That said, this also stamps nicely. It is a bit sheer for stamping but it looks great stamped over light base colors. I've stamped with it over white many times and had nice results.

So there ya have it. I feel I've redeemed myself by re-swatching this. I will have to do so with others but that's a project I'm not ready to undertake.

I purchased this 2009 from TransDesign and paid $3.75.

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