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Today I have a random Revlon polish that I picked up at Target awhile back. The clearance stickers lured me in even though I had no business being the makeup aisle. (I was there for curtains. And I got rad zebra printed ones.) are my kryptonite. So is Eurovision. It's that time where I start getting feverish over the contest, texting my husband about it and playing past Eurovision entries all the time.

Why do I mention Eurovision? Because this color makes me think of a particularly so bad it's good act from the 2007 contest.

Revlon Top Speed in First Class
Two coats over base coat

Let's talk about the polish first.
Two coats, y'all. I NEVER wear two coats even when a polish is good enough to cover in that many. I. Just. Can't. First Class was good enough to look at and nice enough to apply that I felt okay with only two coats.

It's a richly pigmented blue that glides on nicely and dries fast. Lovely base for nail art, no? Or when I need a palate cleanser from nail art or glitter. Loving it.

I'm about to show you a video of the act that was brought to mind when I bought this. I have to be clear that Eurovision doesn't always have the best music and in some cases, it is deliberately bad. Especially those jokesters in the UK who see the thing as big time camp.

This video has it all. Costumes. Sexual Innuendo. Camp. An airplane theme that includes choreography with seats, drink carts and luggage. It is glorious. The only thing that bothers me is the group's name. I don't like to be reminded of pelvic exams and the word "scooch" is strongly associated with that super fun yearly rite. But don't let that keep you from enjoying this delightfully inane video. I don't think you will be surprised that it finished second to last in the contest either.

SEE? It's amazing. Bob love the UK and your sense of humour. 

Sorry guys. You'll be seeing more Eurovision. It is a sickness and I don't want the cure.

I bought First Class at Target for a whopping $1.36. If the display wasn't lying then this was also a Target exclusive. Neat.
Also, the Eurovision Song Contest will be televised May 14, 16 and 18 and will be available to watch online live at

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