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I'm working hard on preparing for my brother's wedding. I've done a bunch of nail art designs to show his bride to be so she can choose her look for the day. I'm also putting together all of the music for the wedding and working on writing the ceremony. We have 32 days until the wedding so there's not much time at all!

Today I want to show you a nail polish I picked up at St. Vincent De Paul. I think an Avon rep done went out of business and donated their stock. Which pleased me but also leaves me to wonder just what I may have missed when that inventory was put out. The mind wobbles...

Avon Nailwear Pro in Jade
Three coats over base coat

There were roughly elebentybillion bottles of Jade on the shelves. Even though I have about as many minty greens in the stash, I could not resist. 

Jade is a lovely minty pastel green.  It applied really nicely, sheer on first coat but built up terrifically. You might be able to use two coats and be good but I typically advise using three. This dried really fast which I did not expect. I was impressed.

This Jade was a huge hit in 2010 since it came out not too long after Chanel Jade and MAC Peppermint Patti caused some chaos and launched a fever for minty green polish. Avon did well in latching on to the trend and delivering a gorgeous color and very nice formula. 

This was actually on my lemming list, albeit pretty far down. But I'm glad to have it and pleased to have stumbled upon it. Plus, I ADORE Avon products. Some of my most beloved cosmetics and scents have been Avon.

That will do today. I have so much work to do!

I purchased this at St. Vincent De Paul thrift store for $1.99. Jade is still available and retails for $6.00. You can purchase it online at or through your local Avon Representative. Avon has some really great new colors and glitters available now too. I may have to place an order soon!

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